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Portuguese Puerto Ricans – A Facebook Page for “Portu Ricans” #porturicans


Portuguese + Puertorican =

After analyzing my updated DNA results, I created a Facebook Page for Puerto Ricans with Portuguese ancestry. It only has seven “Likes” but I believe that number will grow over time. Once I digested the fact that I am 29 percent Portuguese, I wondered how many other Puerto Ricans in the world shared greater Portuguese ancestry than Spanish. I thought maybe there’s a Facebook page or group for others like me. There wasn’t, so I decided to start one.

Everyone knows that Puerto Ricans are part Spanish and most Spanish have Portuguese ancestry based on proximity and the fact that the two countries were unified for a short time. Many Puerto Ricans know and accept their historic connection to Spain, but not many truly know or acknowledge our ancestral link to Portugal.

According to the Library of Congress, in 1593 Portuguese soldiers, sent from Lisbon by order of Philip II of Spain, composed the first garrison (military post) of the San Felipe del Morro fortress in Puerto Rico. Some brought their wives, while others married Puerto Rican women, and today there are many Puerto Rican families with Portuguese last names. On October 3, 1642, a Franciscan convent for men was founded in Puerto Rico by Portuguese friars who had come to the island in 1641.

The Portuguese immigrated to Puerto Rico in such large numbers that by the mid 1500s Portuguese settlers outnumbered the Spaniards, according to  “A Nation upon the Ocean Sea: Portugal’s Atlantic Diaspora and the Crisis of the Spanish Empire, 1492-1640” by Daviken Studnicki-Gizbert.

The Portuguese Puerto Rican DNA discussion is pretty recent. There have been conversations on Reddit about the subject and a few YouTube videos exist of Puerto Ricans revealing they have more Portuguese blood than Spanish. Eventually, a larger number of Puerto Ricans who have their DNA tested will know their actual Portuguese percentage. This info will hopefully lead to additional knowledge and discussion about Puerto Ricans with Portuguese ancestry, also known as Portu Ricans.



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7 thoughts on “Portuguese Puerto Ricans – A Facebook Page for “Portu Ricans” #porturicans

  1. I have to include myself in this group based on my recent updated DNA analysis. I am slightly more Portuguese than Spanish. I am shocked to see how many people in my family tree have Portuguese ancestors. So much for Puerto Rican’s being African, Taino and Spanish. Time to rewrite the history books.

  2. I always thought I was Spanish descend. That’s the list in my DNA. 38% portuguese, 19% French out of all things and only 15% from Spain. So I’m trying to learn portuguese so if any has a good online place to learn the language let me know. Puerto Rican living in Georgia

  3. Puerto Ricans are not spanish. Some may have spanish ancestry but not all. My great grand parents were Italian immigrants who changed their last name from Ortica to Ortega. Just because Puerto Rico was a colony of Spain, does not mean you come from that origin. People need to research the “Royal Decree of Graces of 1815”

  4. I was also surprised by recent DNA results through Ancestry. According to these results an estimated 26% of my DNA is Portuguese and an estimated 24% is Spanish.

  5. Hello everyone! My DNA breakdown is manky from 29% Portugal, 27% Spain, and 24% taino! This is an awesome site, keep it going and thank you.

  6. I recently found out From DNA that I am 39%Portuguese and 20% Spanish with a very interesting ethnic background of more than 10 other nations added to my profile in a minor percentage. Iam proud to be born as a third generation portorican in Puerto Rico and a member of the Human race.

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