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Sticking With AT&T for Another 2 Years

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My contract with AT&T was up in mid September, but I held off on making any major decision on switching carriers until I purchased the new iPhone 4S. As my previous posts show, I was seriously considering switching to Sprint mainly for it’s unlimited data plan, however that all changed once the carrier began selling the iPhone 4S.

As soon as the phone became available, Sprint customers complained about the slow speed of the iPhone on its network, and social media blogs and news sites also covered the slow data drama. At the same time, all carriers were out of the hottest smart phone so I had to wait anyway. This waiting game caused me to closely consider two options: unlimited data on a slow network, or fast data on a limited data network?

In the end, I decided to stick with AT&T because news reports showed that AT&T had the fastest network for the iPhone 4S. I now have to stick with AT&T for another two years, but as long as its data speeds outshine Verizon and Sprint, I’ll be happy.

Did you get the new iPhone 4S? And if so, what has your network experience been so far?



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