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Unemployment Rate Falls to Lowest in More Than Two Years, Thanks to Small Businesses

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The November 8.6 percent jobless rate is down from the 9 percent reported in October. The last time the employment rate was 8.6 percent was in March of 2009. November’s job creation was steady, with employers reporting they added 120,000 people to their payrolls. The latest numbers are driven in part by small businesses that finally see reason to hope and hire.

The 120,000 jobs created in November is not an abstract figure for me personally or for a local small business in Brooklyn. I am actually one of the 120,000 new hires, thanks to the owners of Bogota Latin Bistro in Park Slope who officially hired me as their communication manager. In the past two months I have witnessed first-hand the power of small businesses and the incredible impact these organizations have on our nation’s  economy.

So remember to continue to support your local small businesses. It truly makes a difference.



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3 thoughts on “Unemployment Rate Falls to Lowest in More Than Two Years, Thanks to Small Businesses

  1. Hi Phillip Velez,
    Cool Post, The current unemployment rate has reached astronomical limits in the past few months due to the continued economic recession.  But despite all of this, there may still be some hope out there for those who are motivated and resourceful in their efforts.  The recession is definitely not something to rejoice over but for some who are facing unemployment and now having to look for other ways to earn an income, the choices they find are absolutely providing a way to escape their financial crisis!
    Nice One!

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