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Apple and Sprint in NYC Already Out of the New iPhone 4S

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The new and illusive iPhone 4S on the Sprint network is a great hit in New York City. It’s such a massive hit that Apple and Sprint are already out of the incredible device. I unfortunately did not pre-order the iPhone 4S and it looks like it will be days before I can get my hands on one. Last night I called the Fifth Avenue Apple store, which is open 24 hours, to ask if they would be able to activate the phone on the Sprint network overnight. I was informed the flagship store in NYC was out of all Sprint phones. Today I called the Apple store on the Upper West Side and was also informed that Apple is all out of Sprint iPhones.

Then I thought my only hope now would be to place an order online with Sprint. And surprisingly enough, Sprint is all out, asking customers to sign up for an email letting them know when more will be in stock. It figures though really, since Sprint is the only one of the three iPhone 4S carriers to offer an unlimited data plan. A survey hosted by the Huffington Post asks which network do you think is best for the new iPhone 4S. Right now Sprint is leading the way.

If you already have an iPhone 4S on Sprint, please comment on what you think of the phone on the network so far. Thanks for reading!



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