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People Under 30 Value Social Media Freedom Over Salary

Recent online statistics released by illustrate the increasing power of social media across users of all ages. However, one of the most intriguing stats showed younger generations value social media freedom over money when looking for work.

Statistics gathered for a blog post entitled “This is Your Brain on Social Media,” highlighted the fact that 1 in 3 people under the age of 30 value social media freedom over salary. Of those polled, 56 percent said they would not take a job that did not allow access to social media.

The blog post also noted the average Facebook user spends 405 minutes a month on the social network. Typically, people spend 30 to 40 percent of the time talking about themselves, however that number jumps to 80 percent on social media.

The numbers also show social media is not slowing down any time soon. Facebook now has 1 billion users, Twitter has 555 million, and Pinterest has 11.7 million users.

For more interesting social media statistics, view the infographic provided by



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4 thoughts on “People Under 30 Value Social Media Freedom Over Salary

    1. Thanks Lee! What a wonderful way to end the evneing. I love the context of this award, it means a great deal to be surrounded by people that are genuine.I wish there were a secret formula to the follower button. The only thing I’ve done is post consistantly and visit/comment consistantly. When you see a blog that really appeals to your style click in and visit some of their audience. God has done marvelous things in my first 2 months, if there be any credit let it go to Calvary.

  1. Raghav, this is the best explanation of Social Media Recruiting I have seen since it baecme a recognized concept in the last 3 years or so BRAVO!The Gallop research proving that Customer Engagement (Prospect Engagement )drives Social Engagement (sharing of Employment Brand/Candidate Experience )is ground breaking and I could feel the earth quaking under my feet as I read it. The promise of online “Prospect” Engagement for careers will be realized when we emulate the interactions we experience in real life (Howard is spot-on, its “human speak”). People attend industry events to primarily enhance their careers by developing peer/mentor relationships. If companies provided similar Engagement Experiences online, they could attract a group of prospects they wouldn’t get from any other source. (If this seems like too much work its not reach out and I’ll show you…)A “real” Talent Community should be a group with similar functional backgrounds who see value in networking with employees of a specific company for possible career advancement. Masking the “ Job Agent” in your ATS as a Talent Community and blasting job ads to this database isn’t. Used as a job ad tool as Raghav so aptly stated is merely Talent Community spam!

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