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Bronx Entrepreneurs and Business Network

This past week I attended an event sponsored by the Bronx Entrepreneurs and Business Network (BEBN), a networking group for, by and about Bronx entrepreneurs and businesses. The group is headed by Clarisel Gonzalez, a multimedia journalist, social media strategist, blogger, and social entrepreneur.

The event was hosted by the Bronx Women’s Business Resource Center and Monroe College. The guest speaker was Nilda Perez, CEO of, who made a presentation about “Building Your Business Mindset.”

The presentation was informative and inspirational. It help me really look at the possibility of jump starting an entrepreneurial venture. The session highlighted the pros and cons of running your own business, pinpointing the rewarding aspects of taking a risk to enrich your professional life. There would be great challenges along the way, however the BEBN provides me with an opportunity to connect with like-minded people and learn from their experiences and share my expertise.

It was great to be in the company of others striving for self-determination and success. At the event the BEBN debuted its new logo, created by CodeNYC, and Inca Kola refreshments were provided by the NYC LGBT Chamber of Commerce.

If you are a business owner or hope to be one someday, and a resident of the Bronx, check out BEBN and become a member.



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8 thoughts on “Bronx Entrepreneurs and Business Network

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